Norman Parke wants to smash “Short Arse” Trinaldo’s head through the canvas


After taking the first loss of his UFC career to Gleison Tibua after a hard fought three rounds at Boston’s January event, Stormin’ Norman Parke is ready to get back in the win column when he faces Francisco Trinaldo this Saturday in Goiania.

Parke has been making his fan base quite envious of his situation by posting pictures of him and his coach Rodney Moore having pad sessions by the pool in their Brazilian base via social media. According to the Next Generation man, the South American sunshine has him in a good mood heading into his sixth UFC bout.

“We got here a bit earlier, so we’ve had an extra few days. It’s nice and warm out and we’ve been able to a do a wee bit of wandering about. We’ve had a couple of light training sessions, nothing too serious, and that’s it really. We’ve got a couple of interviews to do this evening but that’s it really. We’re gonna start getting the weight cut going tonight.”

“It’s nice to have a few poolside work outs, it’s a big difference from the weather that we have back home. So we get a good sweat on beside the pool and if it gets too warm we can always jump in. I think it keeps my mind nice and clear. I think that’s very important during fight week.

“I don’t want to be lying around stressed about different things during fight week. There’s definitely a good feeling this week amongst the team and I think that will carry through to my performance on Saturday.”

With July 11’s big clash on the way, Parke claimed that there is some sizeable tension in the air between the Brazilian’s and Irish considering the well publicized war of words between Aldo and McGregor in the lead up to UFC 189.

“I’m not coming out here with a point to prove or anything like that but it’s clear that there’s something going down between the Irish and Brazilian people with this big fight coming up in the summer. There’s a good bit of tension because of Conor and Aldo to be honest,” revealed the Antrim man.

“I just really wanted to fight out here. I wanted to be away somewhere out of my comfort zone. I understand that this is a tough fight, but I’m gonna be going out there to take the fight to him. I want a good war so we’ll see what happens. I want that finish, that’s what I’ve got on my mind. If this fight goes to the floor I’m gonna smash his head clean through the canvas.”

Parke claimed that he feels he might have been too nice to Tibau in the lead up to their January bout. With that being said, after Trinaldo got his training mixed up with Parke’s, the Ulsterman made sure he didn’t give him too much of a warm reception ahead of their bout on Saturday.

“We were in the training room earlier and we saw him,” stated Parke. “UFC always have the opponents separated into different rooms, but when we were down warming up earlier he must’ve come into the wrong area. He kind of waved over, but I don’t want to get attached to him at all to be honest.

“It happened with Gleison Tibau as well, I know a lot of shit happened before that fight, but I think I was too nice to him, I think I respected him a little too much. I’m making sure there is none of that kind of thing going on this time. After the fight, we can chat then.

“I saw him today walking about and he’s just a wee short arse. He was doing a fair bit of staring over at us. We’ll see Saturday night. I know he’s a dangerous lad but so am I, so I’ve got to go in there and fight him.

“I think he’s 5’8’’ or something like that, but he was running around in those high top, platform trainers trying to match up with me. That just means that he is a short arse and he knows it!

“All he’s got is that big left hand. I don’t see him causing me problems anywhere else. They say he’s strong too but I don’t mind trying to match strength with any of them. I think if I take the left hand out of the game he’s got nothing to trouble me at all.”

Despite the Brazilian’s being famous for their intimidatory tactics toward foreign fighters, with Parke having already competed in the country, he believes he will be completely focused on the fight on the night:

“I’m not going to worry about the reception whatsoever. We’ll just go in and touch gloves and then I’m going to put it straight on him from the bell. I want to take this guy out. I know he’s only tough in the first round really but I know I keep it going for three rounds no problem.

“It’s going to warm and humid in there so it’s going to be very slippy, but I know what’s going to happen if the fight hits the ground. Not too many of my fights have hit the ground lately, but I know if he gets too aggressive it will play against him. I’ll take him down and I’ll hurt him and that might open up some opportunities to finish him by submission.”


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