Seery dedicates career defining performance to fallen nephew


The Neil Seery that Phil Harris faced at 2010’s BAMMA 3 paled in comparison to the version that showed up tonight in The 02.

Harris closed the distance immediately in the first round, but it wasn’t long until the Team Ryano man got himself off the cage once he shook himself free of the Brit’s body lock. Harris bounced around on his toes but his takedown attempts got slower as Seery peppered away with his hands.

Seery dropped the Englishman with a right hand two minutes into the bout and once Harris got back to his feet he had another sharp left to deal with. The Brit fired off a flurry of his own only to have Seery wave him on.

Round two saw Harris try to get to his back as often as possible as Seery again evaded his grappling assaults. After eating a big right hand from the Irishman, Harris lay on his back until Seery moved away to let him back to his feet.

The Ryano charge landed a takedown of his own before standing over the Englishman and letting off some kicks to the legs. The crowd began to voice their anticaption with the climax of their crys coming as the Finglas man landed shot to Harris’s legs.

Back on the feet, Seery let his hands go again and showed the fruits of his full training camp with another takedown from the judo ace was stuffed to finish the round.

After a shot to the meat and two veg stopped the third round abruptly, Seery, on the restart landed a solid leg kick on ‘Billy’. As the “The Fields of Athenry” echoed through the stadium as Seery packed more heat in his pugilistic assault, and halfway through the final round a right hand sent Harris wobbling across the cage.

The fight finished with the audience again sounding off as Seery landed leg kicks on his opponent, but just before the bell the Ryano man dived through Harris’s guard and caught him with a big right hand.

Seery dedicated the career defining performance to his late nephew, who tragically passed away not long after his birth last week.


Photo: CageWarriors

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