Pendred recovers to claim second round victory over Mike King


The classic sounds of Horslips’ Italia 90 mix of ‘Dearg Doom’, filtered through the speakers as Cathal Pendred marched to the Octagon to face off against his fellow TUF 19 cast member Mike King.

Again, the crowd were deafening as they read out the SBG man’s particulars, but a quick takedown from King silenced them. Pendred got back to his feet rapidly only to have his legs swept from under him by a leg kick from the American.

Pendred then took King to the ground momentarily but again, it wasn’t a long visit for him. As King constantly targeted the takedown, Pendred may have been too weary of his attempts when he got cracked with a big right hand that dropped him.

King reigned down shots on the Irishman as Mark Goddard policed the situation and it looked on the verge of being stopped until King switched to Pendred’s back. With the rear naked choke all the way sunk in, Pendred got his back to the mat to escape and back on the feet, the two traded shots until the bell rang for the end of the first.

With his right eye closing as the second round began, Pendred didn’t seem alarmed by the situation and opened up with a big right hand followed up by an uppercut. Landing two takedowns, with the second keeping King on ground on all fours, the former Cage Warriors welterweight champion attacked the back of his counterpart and landed solid shots.

When the opportunity presented itself, Pendred took the back and showcased his own submission arsenal, quickly putting his opponent to sleep.

How he got out of the first round we will never know, but this isn’t the first time Pendred has displayed super-human recovery. The only question is will it be 170 or 185 for the Dubliner’s next outing?
“You’ll never beat the Irish” rang out around the 02 as Pendred sat astride the Octagon, waving the tricolour at the frenzied audience.


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