MMA Fan’s Guide To Super Bowl LVII

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It’s that time of year once again when the world stops and watches real football, welcome to Super Bowl LVII week! As SevereMMA’s designated American, I’ve taken it upon myself to explain this year’s big game in a style that even the most hardcore MMA fan can interpret. Here is Super Bowl LVII in MMA terms.

Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes – Conor Mcgregor

These men are the face of their respective sports and are consistently must-see TV. Both Mahomes and McGregor won their first world championship before they turned 25, and have performed at high levels in two sports. On top of that, these two are widely known for their contentious rivalries with Louisiana legends Dustin Poirier and Joe Burrow. Not to mention, they’ve both been known to push through debilitating leg injuries in big moments.

Travis Kelce – Israel Adesanya

When it comes to big-time stars with bold fashion statements, Travis Kelce and Israel Adesanya take the cake among their contemporaries. Above all else, many consider them to be the all-time second-best in their respective classes only behind Anderson Silva and Rob Gronkowski.

JuJu Smith-Schuster – Kevin Holland

JuJu and Kevin are both their own worst enemy; they could reach great heights in their career but are held back by their inclination to entertain rather than perform. For Holland, it’s his in-cage theatrics and refusal to engage in ground fights with strikers. For Smith-Schuster, it’s his constant self-imposed distractions surrounding his never-ending desire to be on top of all the hottest new TikTok trends.

Chris Jones – Colby Covington

Chris Jones was recently caught on camera crying during the national anthem, which is good enough for me to pair him with Mr. 170 lbs of Raw American Steel & Twisted Sex Appeal himself, Colby Covington. Also, Jones just recently cut a promo after the AFC Championship game, but unlike Covington, this one was actually good.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts – Alex Volkanovski

Despite being short for their roles, both Hurts and Volkanovski are in the conversation for the best in their respective sports. Not to mention, these two soft-spoken athletes are heading into the biggest matches of their careers this weekend.

Lane Johnson – Belal Muhammad

Much like Belal Muhammad, Lane Johnson isn’t known for having an extensive highlight reel, but he’s one of the best in the world right now. This year has been a turning point for both of these men, as the fans have started to slowly come around on them.

Jason Kelce – Jan Błachowicz

Jason Kelce and Jan Błachowicz are two of the most wholesome guys in their sport who happen to have great beards. Also, both Kelce and Błachowicz are former world champions. On a somewhat unrelated note, Kelce claimed that he could beat Ronda Rousey in a fight while she was UFC Champion in 2015.

AJ Brown – Alex Pereira

Much like the fear Pereira instills in most middleweights, AJ Brown has a similar effect on opposing cornerbacks. These offensive juggernauts routinely used their size/length to their advantage and took this past year by storm in their respective sports. So long as Brown suits up for the big game this weekend, these two will have competed for a world championship within their first year with a new organization.

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