Team Ireland Secure Super Cup Final Spot

Team Ireland have been busy over the past two days competing in the Brave CF Super Cup quarter-finals and semi-finals.

On Wednesday, the Irish squad took on Team Oceania and won 5-4 over a best of nine fights series. Kerry Ann Vernon picked up a bye in the rounds, wins from Eabha Cruise, Jordan Bradshaw, Jordan Furey and a dramatic submission win in the final bout from Gustavo Lopez. The win moved Team Irelan onto the semi-finals to take on Team Mexico who beat the Arab Champions in the last-eight of the tournament. The results of the quarter finals can be seen below.

5 – 4

1 56.7 kg Eabha Cruise (Ireland) def. Alisha Burtt (Oceania) – Sub (Rear-Naked Choke) R1 2:19

2 61,2kg Kerry Ann Vernon (Ireland) – bye

3 Coopar Royal (Oceania) def. Jamie Abbott Bissett (Ireland) – Sub (Arm-Triangle Choke) R3 1:15

4 65,8 kg Jordan Bradshaw (Ireland) def. Prashanth Guda (Oceania) – UD R3

5 70,3 kg Kasib Murdoch-McKeich (Oceania) def. Lewis Byrne (Ireland) – UD R3

6 77,1 kg Jordan Furey (Ireland) def. Mitchell Kelly (Oceania) – TKO R1 2:09

7 83,9 kg Jonas Grace (Oceania) def. Cameron Clements (Ireland) – Tech Sub (D’Arce Choke) R3 2:10

8 93 kg Auryn Parmley (Oceania) def. Dennis Perry (Ireland) – UD R3

9 120,2kg Gustavo Lopez (Ireland) def. Larry Adnan (Oceania) – Sub (Kneebar) R1 2:59

Team Ireland faced Team Mexico on Thursday in the first semi-final. Mexico got off to an early lead through Violeta Mendoza Corral who showcased some impressive striking in her win. Mexico went 3-1 in the first four fights and Team Ireland looked down and out. Kerry Ann Vernon picked up Ireland’s first win of the day with a highlight-reel TKO/KO win in her first fight of the competition.

Lewis Byrne got another win back for Team Ireland before welterweight fighter Jordan Furey built on that by knocking out his Mexican advarsary, Israel Salcido Rodriguez. Conor McCarthy stepped up to middleweight for the first time and won a unanimous decision to give Ireland the lead.

Denis Perry secured Ireland’s spot in the final with a fight to spare. He locked in an americana submission and completed Ireland’s comeback. Team Ireland will move on to the finals to take on Team Bahrain for the $100,000 prize for the eventual winner and $75,000 for the runner-up. The semi-final results can be seen below.


3 – 5

56.7 kg Violeta Mendoza Corral (Mexico) def. Eabha Cruise (Ireland) – UD R3

61,2 kg Kerry Ann Vernon (Ireland) def. Andrea Gabriela Guzman Salazar (Mexico) – TKO R1 2:03

61,2 kg Jorge Cobos Marin (Mexico) def. Jamie Abbott Bissett (Ireland) – TKO R3 2:12

65,8 kg Victor Gerardo Quintana Vazquez (Mexico) def. Jordan Bradshaw (Ireland) – UD R3

70,3 kg Lewis Byrne (Ireland) def. Luis Enrique Gonzalez Martinez (Mexico) – UD R3

77,1 kg Jordan Furey (Ireland) def. Israel Salcido Rodriguez (Mexico) – TKO R2 1:11

83,9 kg Conor McCarthy (Ireland) def. Cruz Emmanuel Garcia Gonzalez (Mexico) – UD R3

93 kg Dennis Perry (Ireland) def. Miguel Angel Serna Castro (Mexico) – Sub (Americana) R1 2:48

Team Ireland will fight Team Bahrain in the finals which are set to be held on Saturday, March 12th, in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The MMA Super Cup is available for subscribers to watch live at as eight nations teams have been battling it out to determine who is the greatest in amateur MMA. Team Ireland will fight Team Bahrain in the finals which are set to be held on Saturday, March 12th, in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

IMMAF TV Schedule

Time zone: GST / UTC+3

Saturday 12 March – Finals 

14:30 hrs:  Opening Ceremony

15:00 hrs: Loser of Semi-Finals (1) vs Loser of Semi-Finals (2)

18:30 hrs: Finals

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