Top 10 MMA Fighters from India

Mixed martial arts is a relatively recent addition to the sporting landscape in India but it’s already popular. The sport has risen to prominence in the country thanks to the growth of digital channels where fans can watch their favourite stars

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This increase is set to continue as top Indian MMA fighters influence new generations of enthusiasts. 

Name of fighter Main achievements 
Bharat KandareThe person who popularized MMA in India and is also the only Indian born fighter to have a UFC fight. 
Mohammed FarhadPersonal best of 10-3 and known for his great strength. 
Priyanka Jeet ToshiOne of the most familiar faces in MMA in India. Yet to completely fulfil her potential but has only been beaten by world-class fighters.
Dhruv ChaudharyPersonal best in professional fights of 7-4 and is known for his explosive and aggressive style which makes him popular with fans. 
Nelson PaesPersonal best of 3-3 and has acquired a large fanbase despite a modest fighting record. 
Rajinder Singh MeenaKnown for excellent performances in the Full Contact Championship and has a personal best of 8-3. 
Manjit KolekarHas achieved 11 wins in 15 professional fights and is the female fighter most likely to fight in the UFC. 
Roshan MainamCould achieve more if he paid closer attention to his fights but still has a personal best of 5-2. 
Pankaj KhannaOne of the most successful MMA fighters in India with a personal best of 5-1 who is known for his calm persona and fast speed. 
Abdul MuneerOne of the most famous Indian MMA fighters globally who has a personal best of 6-2. 

Bharat Kandare

Kandare was the first person to help increase the popularity of MMA in India. He’s a first-class athlete who first achieved success in the Super Fight League. The last time Kandare fought was in the UFC in 2017. He then faced a suspension from the sport during which he has set up the Bharat Kandare Mixed Martial Arts Academy at the Balkawde International Sports Centre in his hometown of Bhagur. His hope is to encourage other potential UFC fighters.

Mohammed Farhad

Farhad is a force to be reckoned with in the Super Fight League. He is a hugely powerful fighter who has the potential to progress. Away from the fighting arena, he starred in the film “Baagi”.

Priyanka Jeet Toshi

Toshi has had a moderate career in the world of MMA, but she has a lot of potential. As a female player who is gifted enough to compete at the top level, she is an inspiration to girls in the country who are looking to take part in sports.

Dhruv Chaudhary

Chaudhary was originally a kickboxer and wushu fighter. He has brought his offensive style of fighting to the world of MMA and has developed a strong following. If the UFC has ambitions in India, they would do well to sign him.

Nelson Paes

Paes began is career in Super Fight League and is known for being a strong Combat Cage Fighter. He is not the most outstanding MMA fighter to come out of India, but he is very popular. Paes has opened his own gym in goa and is in the process of training young MMA fighters.

Rajinder Singh Meena

Meena is a fighter who is well-known internationally. He is a former Super Fight League champion and has spoken of a desire to train young fighters in the sport he loves.

Manjit Kolekar

Kolekar has been hailed as the female Indian fighter with the best chance of fighting in the UFC. Right now, she participates in the Super Fight League and has plenty of potential to progress having gained experience in fights against stars including Bharti Dundinal and Hinn Ali Shahi.

Roshan Mainam

Mainam’s career in MMA is still in its relatively early stages. He began fighting in 2017. So far, he has displayed something of a lack of attention in some fights although this has not stopped him from achieving several wins. Mainam certainly has the potential to achieve much more in his career.

Pankaj Khanna

Khanna has competed in Super Fight League, Pro Combat Fight League, and CCF. He has a fast but calm style, and his reactions are impressive. Overall, Khanna is currently one of the best MMA fighters in India.

Abdul Muneer

Muneer has shown the world that MMA fighters in India have a lot to offer. He is a well-known figure in the Super Fight League where he has achieved the majority of his successes.

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