A look at the different types of bets you can place on MMA

MMA has emerged decisively from the fringes and is now firmly in the mainstream. Higher viewer numbers can only be good news for the sport, as it attracts bigger sponsorship packages, more investment in grass roots and better broadcasting deals. It is also good news for the bookies, as with broader popularity comes an increase in viewers who want to get personally involved in the action by placing a wager or two.
Even if you’ve been following MMA since the days before it hit the big time, you might still be new to the world of MMA betting. So let’s take a look at the different types of bets that you can place.
The moneyline
This is the standard sort of wager that would spring to most people’s mind if someone mentioned putting a bet on an MMA fight. It’s simply placing your money on who will win. Different people approach this in different ways. For example, let’s look at the forthcoming McGregor vs Poirier bout. If you’re a lifelong fan of McGregor, you might put a bet on him regardless of who he’s up against, or what form he’s in. However, if you’re approaching it from a neutral perspective, you’ll be more likely to scrutinize the MMA odds online and then decide which fighter to back. As things stand at the moment, Poirier is seen as the outsider and has longer odds. But that might be where the smart money lies.
Winning method
The second most popular type of bet is on how the fight will be decided, ie a knockout, submission or judge’s decision. When you place this bet, it is just the mode of winning that matters, independent of which fighter is victorious.
Total rounds
This is what is known as an over/under bet. The bookmaker will set a non-integer number of rounds and you must decide whether the fight will go over or under that number. So for example, if the bookmaker sets it at 2.5 and you bet over, you need the fight to go to at least the third round in order to win the bet.
The parlay
Here’s a popular wager that brings all three of the above together and can pay handsomely if you call it right. To stick with our UFC 264 example, let’s suppose you think McGregor will win by a knockout in the second round. In this case, you’ll bet McGregor, knockout and under on the rounds bet. To win the parlay, you need all three to come together. Anything less and you win nothing, but get it right and the cumulative rewards can be impressive.
MMA Futures
Just as you can place a bet today on next year’s Super Bowl winner, you can back a fighter for future glory, too. Think McGregor is going be the world title holder in 2022? You can easily find a sports book that will take your money and offer you quite generous odds!
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