Video: Brendan Loughnane Discusses PFL Situation

Photo by PFL

ESPN’s Brett Okamoto reported on Saturday that PFL champion Lance Palmer was officially requesting a release from the promotion as a result of the statement PFL published regarding his father’s social media posts. Within the article, it was revealed that Palmer had already been at odds with the company, declining the $1,000 monthly stipend that was offered.

This article prompted First Round Management CEO Malki Kawa to announce on social media that he too had requested the release of his clients Brendan Loughnane and Justin Willis, and that he had also declined the $1,000 monthly stipend on their behalf.

Loughnane sat down for an interview with Severe MMA on Sunday evening to discuss the situation with PFL. The Manchester featherweight reiterated that he would like to come to a resolution with PFL, whereby he continues to fight for the promotion. However, based on Kawa’s tweets and the lack of any events scheduled in 2020 by PFL, this may just be the beginning of PFL’s conflict with its contracted fighters.

Check out the full interview below:

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