Which are the best MMA betting markets?

One of the things that makes some sports more appealing than others is the different markets. Depending on the online bookie, some customers may have the chance to choose from thousands of betting markets. 

Every gambling operator has a different approach to the markets, which is why you may find a lot of differences. The vast majority of betting websites tend to focus on those sports that bring them the most customers. Consequently, you shouldn’t be surprised if things like eSports, football, and basketball have significantly more options than other sports.

Having said that, things such as MMA are slowly but steadily becoming more popular among bettors because they are fun to watch. If you like combat sports and want to wager on some of the hottest upcoming events, here are some of the best markets that you can choose.

Fight Outcome

The first betting market that you will come across if you visit the 1xbet online platform will give you the chance to predict a given event’s outcome. In some cases, you can only choose from the classic 1×2 option, which will allow you to pick whether one of the two fighters will win or the match will end in a draw. 

However, some of the more popular MMA events might also allow you to choose if the match will end with a knockout, a submission, a technical decision, and so on. As you probably know, MMA is a unique sport, which means there are loads of possibilities.

Double Chance

Before we cover this market, we want to point out that Double Chance is not common in combat sports. There are some bookies where you might have the chance to use it, but you may not find it at all.

If this option is available, your bet will be successful if the fighter you’ve chosen wins the match or it ends in a draw. Although the odds should be pretty good, they definitely won’t be as attractive as other options.

The total number of rounds

This market has different names, depending on the bookie, but it does the same thing. If you bet on Total Rounds, you have to predict whether the match will surpass a certain number of rounds. In some cases, you may find this option as “Over/Under”.

In addition to the classic option, some bookies allow their clients to choose the exact number of rounds. Even though this market will probably have excellent odds compared to the other things on this list, you should be really careful when choosing it because it is challenging to predict.

Another option that you may find on specific betting platforms will allow you to bet on whether all of the rounds will be played. This means that if there is a knockout, a disqualification, or something else, you won’t predict your bet successfully.

Final Thoughts

Some of the hottest MMA events have loads of betting options, making them attractive even for people who don’t like combat sports. We expect MMA to become even more popular in the future, so definitely keep an eye on some of the hottest fighting events.

Severe MMA Staff

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