Three Boxing-themed slot games popular in Canada


The online casinos’ industry has undergone one of the most historic rises in popularity in the past few years. Especially in 2020, when its growth rose tremendously due to the widespread lockdown as people had more time than usual. Its rise in popularity meant that there have been some changes in the games and apps being developed for its users.

Thousands, if not millions, of casino games, are readily available to play in online casinos like with new technology features being adopted in the games as they intend to offer their players a seamless experience in playing these games. With the continuous advancement of technology, we are bound to see another increase in growth and improvement in their games. 

The growth of the online casino industry could be said to be owed to its ability to integrate different themes to several games, creating standalone casino games dedicated to a legendary rock band, football team, popular artist, food, or even boxing. So, if you enjoy watching sports and also love gambling, you can mix both pleasures for yourself as there are thousands of sports-themed slots available to play on the internet.

Boxing is one of the most popular and ancient sports known across the world. With the constant growth of online casino, it should come as no surprise to see that there are several slot games related to boxing, to attract players who love ancient sports.

Slots are one of the most popular casino games known across the world. In the online gambling industry in Canada, slots were previously used in charity events for donations, now its become so much more in the North American country.

Slot games are known for their simplicity and it the easiest casino games to play. For boxing avid fans, playing boxing-themed slot games will bring more excitement when they play while offering the chance to win big.

We will be listing out few boxing-themed slot games readily available for play on the internet. These slot games are relatively popular in Canada.

Heavyweight Champion Slot

Heavyweight Champion Slot is one of the most popular boxing-themed slot games available on the internet. Developed and designed by one of the leading software developing company, iSoftBet, it is 5 reels, 15 pay-lines video slot games. Boxing fans will love this one as it smoothly brings the players into the thrilling boxing environment to help them ignite their passion along with boxing-related symbols and a jackpot payout to ensure they win on this platform. Heavyweight Champion Slot features many bonus rounds which have the potential to increase the players’ winnings along with a wild symbol.

Fight Night Slot

Mostly popular among fans in Canada, Fight Night Slot is a slot game created and designed by WorldMatch. It is also one of the popular boxing-themed slot games with features that will entice gamblers for increasing their earnings after winning against their rivals in the game. Fight Night Slot is 5 reels, 25 pay-lines slot game that features several boxing-related symbols, and many bonus rounds that will help the players increase their earnings alongside wild symbols.

Boxing Slot

Boxing Slot is 5 reels, 15 pay-lines video slot developed by Gameplay Interactive. It features impressive sound effects and 3D graphics alongside several boxing-related symbols and wild symbols which has the potential to increase the players’ winnings. It is fun and exciting to play for the boxing fans.

These are the few boxing-themed slot games popular amongst gamblers in Canada.

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