Rating WWE stars who switched to MMA

Over the years, there have been many stars who made the switch between WWE and MMA. With the two sports technically different, some have found the switch to be a gap too long failing miserably with former wrestler CM Punk coming to mind. However, some made a quick transition and looked comfortable in their newfound ‘job’. Today we rate those who have successfully made the switch from WWE to MMA with the hope that for punters engaging in betting online, you might pick the next UFC champion from this list.

Bobby Lashley

The ‘Dominater’ as he was widely known in the WWE circles, Lashley had a successful career in both the WWE and the TNA before he switched to MMA. Since he made the switch from WWE to MMA, he has been involved in nine fights. He won seven of those losing only two. Lashley recorded some impressive wins against MMA superstars Wes Sims, Bob Sapp, and Jason Guida. Coming into MMA, many predicted that Lashley would take long to establish himself as he had an endurance problem during his WWE days but that has not surfaced yet in MMA.

Lashley’s first match in MMA went according to plans, he won comfortably but had had a scare at the start. That assured performance prepared him for the following matches that he fought in. though he lost some, he looked like a seasoned MMA fighter not like someone struggling to adapt to new surroundings. With experience, Lashley promises to become one of the bigger MMA stars to look out for. What he needs now just like any other fighter is a big fight that attracts the media frenzy.

Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio is one performer who fans either love or hate. No matter which side you fall on, you still have to love him as a performer because he is quite good at that. In WWE, he had successful years, being crowned the WWE Champion on a couple of occasions. When he made the switch to MMA, he also quickly became a household name winning nine times in fourteen fights. Those wins included an incredible TKO win against Kengo Watanabe. Del Rio’s time in the WWE was covered in controversy mostly due to his wealth and it looks set to be that way in MMA too. MMA is not full of drama outside the ring and probably it’s the reason why it’s not popular in comparison to WWE but with flashy character like Alberto Del Rio that may soon be over.

Brock Lesnar

Known as the beast in WWE, Brock Lesnar was also a beast during his time in the UFC. It took just four fights for Brock Lesnar to win the UFC Championship title, a title he went on to defend on two occasions. Lesnar won five of his eight UFC fights including against some of UFC’s respected fighters, Randy Couture, Shane Carwin, and Frank Mir. His UFC career was however cut short by a diverticulitis problem.

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