Duquesnoy declares interest in BAMMA 26 and discusses Alan Philpott


Everyone believed that surging French bantamweight prospect Tom Duquesnoy called for a showdown with Alan Philpott following his capture of BAMMA’s world title against Shay Walsh last month.

Claiming that he “would like to compete” for the British title that is currently held by Northern Ireland’s Philpott in his post-fight interview, ‘Firekid’ has since revealed that the belt is the main motivation for the fight, and not the opponent.

However, Duquesnoy does believe that Philpott’s “warrior” spirit would make for a “crazy matchup” if the two ever fought.”

“The opponent doesn’t really matter to me,” said BAMMA’s featherweight and bantamweight champion. “I’m sure Alan Philpott would be a good challenge for me. The main reason why I said that in my post-fight interview is because I love belts.

“A belt is a sign of your success and it also represents a good memory. I don’t really understand why I love them so much, but I really just love belts. As I’m talking to you now I’m standing in front of a wall that has three belts on it. I just want one more,” he laughed.

“Alan Philpott could be a good opponent. He’s a warrior and I have no doubt that he would do his best against me. I think it’s a matchup that would make for a crazy fight. I have to see what BAMMA want to do. I haven’t seen them yet and I have to see what they think is the best business move for the rest of the year.

“I want to fight in September. Maybe it will be for a title defense or maybe it will be for another belt. We’ll have to wait and see.”

BAMMA are set to host an event in the 3 Arena on September 10, and Duquesnoy insisted that it would be a pleasure to fight in front of an Irish crowd again if he is slated for the card.

“I love fighting in Dublin. The Dubliners have the fight in their blood. They are very respectful of the warrior coming into the cage. For example, when I was fighting Damian Rooney, he’s an Irish guy, they were a little bit unsettled at the beginning.

“Then, when I won and they saw that I’m not a trash talking guy or a bad winner, they gave me a great reception. I am so thankful for the Irish audience. They just stood and applauded after the Rooney fight. I really appreciate that. I love to see people have that kind of respect for the athletes.

“Each time I fight over there BAMMA has thousands of people in attendance in the arena. That’s pretty crazy for me. The atmosphere is always fantastic.”



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