Gunnar finishes with “money move”, wants top 5 opponent

The first round opened with the serenading “Ole, Ole, Ole”, for ‘Gunni’, opened as the welterweight pair tied each other up throughout the first minute. Nelson landed a nice kick on the exit of the grappling exchange and followed it up with two quick jabs and an overhand right.

Cummings looked awkward as he tried to figure out the Icelandic fighter’s style but as soon as a gap appeared he took Nelson’s back. Eventually breaking free, Nelson showed his evasive qualities again to finish out the first round.

Cummings pushed the pace early in the second by pressing Nelson against the cage. Surging forward in an attempt to connect with the Mjolnir man, Cummings managed to connect with a punch before Nelson was free again.

Halfway through the second, Nelson began to close the distance. Shaping and feinting with his hands, the European welterweight cracked Cummings with a right straight and then a hard kick landed on the American. However, catching the kick, Cummings pursued a single leg but as he lost the leg, Nelson locked onto his neck.

Snapping his opponent’s neck down and transitioning to Cummings’ back, Nelson got his seatbelt and applied his hooks. Cummings defended well and in reply Nelson opened his seatbelt and start landing shots from the back to open his counterpart up for the choke.

Holding his hand aloft, it almost seemed like the Icelandic star waved to the crowd just before he latched onto his “money move”, a rear naked choke, which Cummings had no choice but to tap to.

Calling out a “top five” opponent, Nelson could be in the title picture should he obtain one more victory in the UFC’s ever-dangerous welterweight division.


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