Fight Picks – Sean Sheehan Vs Andrew McGahon


This event’s “Sean Sheehan Vs” sees Sean taking on Andrew McGahon as they predict UFC Fight Night : Cerrone vs Miller.

Every UFC event Sean and his opponent will break down the reasoning behind their main card picks and will give quick picks for the undercard.

We start with the main event, Cerrone vs Miller.

After two first round wins already this year, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone will be looking to get himself up the division with another stoppage here. Coincidentally, Miller’s last two outings have ended before the first bell too. This should be a whirlwind scrap. Both men will swing hard on the feet and look for finish on the floor. Miller is the shorter man and will try to get inside, land hard and take top position on the ground. Cerrone will look to keep distance and bang in his leg kicks. Cowboy is happy anywhere in the fight and if Miller does get the takedown he will be very dangerous off of his back with his long legs. I expect Cerrone to take this one because he’s a little better in more areas but it should be exciting whatever way it goes down.

Sheehan’s pick – Cerrone via submission

Jim Miller is one of the toughest guys in the 155 division. Coming off a really impressive submission over Yancy Medeiros back in April, this quick turn around isn’t too unlike his opponents, Cerrone who fought the week earlier. Cerrone has come out publicly saying he wants to fight as many times this year as possible, to make as much money as he can. There’s a way to earn more in the UFC and that’s by putting on the most exciting fights. I think he’s going to come out wanting to finish Miller, a tough task considering he has never been stopped in his career. Miller while loses in the stand up, has the edge in the grappling department, as well as the advantage of it being a 5 round fight where he can potentially impose his will on Cerrone, who will want to keep it standing, quick and exciting. I just don’t think he can stop Miller once he gets going.

McGahon’s Pick – Miller by Submission (RNC) in Round 2.

Edson Barboza vs. Evan Dunham

This is a fun fight. Dunham is a talented fighter who is always in close fights and will probably be fighting for his job after three losses in his last four fights. Barboza is even more talented but has yet to fulfill his huge potential. Dunham will look to test the suspect chin of Barboza and get the fight to the floor. Barboza will want to keep it on the feet and crush Dunham with his titanic leg kicks. I’m not sure Dunham has the necessary ability to test the shortcomings of Barboza. I expect the Brazilian to use his patented leg kicks and get Dunham off his game early. If that happens Barboza should finish it from there.

Sheehan’s pick – Barboza via TKO/KO

Up next it’s the guy so many thought was going to be the future of the 155 pound division at one time, Evan Dunham is an exciting grappler and this one also matches up as striker vs grappler. That being said he is going up against the toe-curling, highlight reel resident Edson Barboza. Since bursting into the UFC finishing guys with leg kicks and spinning hook kicks, we have seen on two occasions that he is human after all. Looking to pick himself off from the submission loss to Cerrone and knowing how dangerous Dunham can be on the ground, I think it will have been a focal point in the build up to this fight. Hopefully these guys throw caution to the wind and duke it out in the middle for all 3. I’m picking Edson Barboza to notch another skull onto his beltbuckle and take another spot on the UFC hype videos.

McGahon’s Pick – Barboza by KO (Headkick) in round 1.

Rick Story vs. Leonardo Mafra

After getting knocked out in his sole Octagon bout at UFC 147 Leonardo Mafra has earned his way back to the promotion with five straight knockout wins. The Brazilian has heavy hands and will be looking to keep it on the feet. Rick Story will probably always be best known for beating welterweight champion Johny Hendricks in 2010. Since then the American has gone 4-5 and needs a win here. Wrestling will probably be the best way for Story to win this fight but as he showed in his last night against Kelvin Gastleum he isn’t afraid to trade on the feet. Whoever has the best cardio will probably win this fight. If Mafra is fresh in the second we could be in for a big shock.

Sheehan’s pick – Mafra via TKO/KO

Apart from Rick Story having one of the best nicknames in MMA alongside James “Sexual” Helan, he’s actually a pretty solid fighter. A high level wrestler with heavy hands, he was the potential Johnny Hendricks of the WW division before Hendricks started KO’ing guys for the fun of it. The story, with Story (lol) in my opinion is that he is still haunted by the Charlie Brenneman loss so long ago, he dropped a tough loss to Kelvin Gastelum in his last fight and he’s going up against a potential star killer in Leonardo Mafra. Story has never been finished in his less than storied (last one,sorry) career and I think that could come to an end this Wednesday. Leonardo is on a kill streak outside of the UFC since he dropped a loss at UFC 147. I expect this one to be violent and end with a paramedic checking someones pupils.

McGahon’s Pick – Leonardo Mafra by KO in Round 2.

Justin Salas vs. Joe Proctor

This is another evenly matched lightweight fight. TUF alum Joe Proctor will be happy to keep this one on the feet but his opponent Justin Salas is a wrestler and will work for takedowns. Being a student of Joe Lauzon, Proctor will be dangerous with submission attacks from all positions. Salas could be on for a decision win here but I’m going to take Proctor to show big improvement again and get the finish.

Sheehan’s pick – Proctor via submission.

Justin Salas and Joe Proctor are both pretty luck to be this far up the card and are both in a great position to make a name for themselves. The only way they would usually be seen this high up on a card is if they were cageside after their bouts. Proctor , a product of the failed TUF Live experiment has looked like he’s suffering growing pains inside the Octagon adjusting to it. Then again, I did not predict he would beat Cristiano Marcello in his last fight so there’s always potential to be proven wrong, however he can’t possibly expect to come out the positive side of a grinding decision against an wrestling wrecking machine like Salas. Salas likes to hunt for a finish but won’t throw caution to the wind for a fight his wrestler instincts will surely kick in and help him grind out a win.

McGahon’s Pick – Salas by Decision.

John Lineker vs. Alptekin Özkiliç

As always with John Lineker, making the weight might be the toughest task in this fight. The Brazilian is coming off of a loss to Ali Bagautinov where he looked drained from the cut and was dominated. Özkiliç is a well rounded fighter who has never been finished and will be looking to take advantage of Lineker if he struggles to get down to 125. All going well, though, Lineker is on a different level to The Turkish Delight. The Brazilian has the heaviest hands in the division and will hurt anyone if he can catches them – and I think he will on Wednesday.

Sheehan’s pick – Lineker via TKO/KO

Next we have another episode of John Lineker shouldn’t be fighting at flyweight as he takes on Alptekin Özkiliç in a 125 bout. UFC Dublin fans should keep an eye on this one as I predict the winner of Seery vs Harris could be paired with the winner of this. Unless Harris and Lineker win, because no body (especially Phil Harris) want’s that fight to happen again. I predict a gaunt looking Lineker at weigh ins later on to get past the tough turkish delight on Wednesday, but it won’t be easy.

McGahon’s Pick – Lineker by decision.

Lucas Martins vs. Alex White

This one should be fun. You know what you’re going to get with these two guys and that’s all action. Both constantly look for the finish and have only gone to a decision once each in their respective careers. White is the favourite to take this one with the bookies but I think Martins is more experienced against higher level competition and that will see him through.

Sheehan’s pick – Martins TKO/KO

A tasty 145 bout to open up the card with White protecting his unbeaten streak and coming off a lovely POTN bonus back in April, while Lucas Martins must have found the trip to 135 too much to handle as he’s back at 145. Two delish finishes since been offered as the sacrificial lamb to lord Barboza in his UFC Debut means he’s coming out to finish and get noticed in this fight. Both guys looking to put a stamp on it, Would Martins fighting outside of Brazil for the first time have any effect on this decision? It might but I’m backing Alex White regardless to grab a nice submission somewhere in the fight, let’s say round 3?

McGahon’s Pick – White via submission in Rd 3

Sheehan’s undercard picks:

Gleison Tibau (winner via decision) vs. Pat Healy

Jessamyn Duke vs. Leslie Smith (winner via decision)

Hugo Viana vs. Aljamain Sterling (winner via decision)

Yosdenis Cedeno vs. Jerrod Sanders (winner via decision)

Cláudia Gadelha (winner via decision) vs. Tina Lähdemäki

McGahon’s undercard picks:

Gleison Tibau vs Pat Healy – Tibau by decision.

Jessamyn Duke vs Leslie Smith – Jessamyn duke by tko/ko Round 2.

Hugo Viana vs Aljamain Sterling – Sterling by decision.

Tosdenis Cedeno vs Jerrod Sanders – Cedeno by decision.

Claudia Gadelha vs Tina Lahdemaki – Gadelha by POTN finish, KO in round 1.

Rules: Every correct pick made is equal to 1 point. If the competition ends in a draw then method of victory will be used to decide a winner

And for the Sean Sheehan bet of the week…

My bet of the week is simple, Joe Proctor to win via submission at 5/1.

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