Dana White “I just don’t see [Nick Diaz] winning”

“I get the whole thing they’re going for – the metabolites or whatever it is,” said UFC President Dana White following Thursday’s pre-UFC on FOX 3 press conference. “Nick can’t smoke marijuana leading up to a fight. You just can’t do it.”

“Marijuana’s illegal. You can’t smoke it. There’s a list of things you can’t do. Here’s the thing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission: If you’re doing something, they ask you to tell them. Just be honest. Come up front and say you did something.”

On May 14, the commission will go head-to-head with Diaz. Las Vegas-based attorney Ross Goodman filed suit on behalf on the fighter this past week.

Diaz’s suspension scratched a rematch with Condit while Overeem’s failure scratched a headliner opposite heavyweight champ Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146. When asked which situation frustrates him more, White chose Overeem.

“Nick Diaz didn’t tell me he wasn’t smoking weed, believe me,” he said. “It’s one of those things that’s a banned substance, you can’t do it, and we’ll see how this thing plays out. But I just don’t see him winning.”

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