How to Play Online Poker

There are many decisions to be made within a limited time when playing poker online. Understanding the hole cards, table position, and handicapping the opponents is very important. With a good understanding of these, you can build a good strategy to help you gain a competitive edge in the world of online poker. 

You can check out for trial versions of poker games that you can practice. You can also play real poker games for real money on the platform. Before getting ahead of ourselves, let us look at important tips that will help you in your poker gaming adventures.

  • Memorize the Rankings of Poker Hand

Texas Hold’em is the first game to start with if you are learning to play poker. The reason for this is simple. You only need to achieve the best five cards at the end of the game to win. 

Therefore, you should understand that a two-pair will lose to three of a kind and a full house will beat a flush. It is important to take the time to study, understand, and memorize the poker hand rankings from the onset.

  • Understand the Button Position

The button refers to the dealer. For home games, a player always deals and he is often the last person to take action. Poker is all about information. Therefore, gather as much information as you can to improve your chances of success in the game. 

While it is recommended that you play tight and control your hole cards, flexibility is also allowed. A poker table often sits up to ten players, which means there will be several positions in the game. 

If you want to play some lower percentages with hole cards, you should consider a late position as this allows enough time for the opponents to provide intel on the strength of their hands.

  • Reduce Bluff

Bluffing the opponent out of a hand is regarded as the best high in a game of poker. However, you should limit such in a live game. New poker players often spend time staring at hole cards to make a case that fits connectors. 

This will often make a straight flush on the flop and once the board misses the hole cards, a player gets in a bad position to bluff or fold. You should know that several other players are on the table and are also playing their top twenty hole cards.

  • Use an Aggressive Gaming Strategy

You should never make the mistake of getting your hands into several boards. When you are done memorizing the poker hand rankings, the next step is to decide on the hole cards that you want to play. 

You also need to know the win probability of the hole cards vis-à-vis your opponent. The ideal thing to do as a new player is to choose an aggressive approach. When you play aggressively, you should see only 10-15% flop during your game.


These are four top tips that you can get started with on a game of poker. You should also pay attention to other strategies you gather as you continue playing the game. With practice and patience, you will soon become a professional poker player.

Severe MMA Staff