The Ultimate Fighter 21: ATT vs. Blackzilians: Episode 4 Review


On last week’s episode Valdir “Baby Monster” Araujo submitted Steve Carl, moving the Blackzilians to 3-0 for the season and giving them a 75-0 lead on points over a flailing American Top Team (ATT). The Blackzilians also retain home-gym advantage for the fourth bout, which will be worth an further 25 points.

With ATT still reeling from their third consecutive loss, they scramble for ideas to turn their season around. Dan Lambert feels that his fighters have not performed to their potential but is struggling to figure out why. He concludes that the issue is psychological and feels that Steve ‘The Creepy Weasel’ Montgomery has the attitude and desire to get the job done. ATT select ‘Creepy’ Steve to represent them in the fourth fight of the season.

The Blackzilians wrongly suspect that ATT will choose team captain Nate Coy to fight next. Based on this suspicion, they select Carrington Banks because they feel he is a good match up for Coy.

After the teams have made their fighter selections, the episode takes a dramatic turn when ‘Creepy’ Steve has a Hyponatremia induced seizure brought about by excessive water intake without electrolyte replacement. ‘Creepy’ is rushed to the hospital where he makes a fully recovery. Unfortunately for Montgomery, however, he is not allowed to continue on the show. ATT are forced to find a replacement for the fight, and they choose Sabah Homasi.

Homasi, 26, is 8-4 and is predominantly known as a striker. His opponent, Banks, holds a record of 3-0 and, as with all of the Blackzilians’ selections so far, he is a strong wrestler. Both fighters make weight without issue, and the scene is set for a fourth showdown at the Blackzilians’ gym.

Carrington Banks vs. Sabah Homasi
Homasi lands a hard lowkick early before getting knocked off balance by a big right hand from Banks. Banks drives Homasi against the cage and spends about 90 seconds landing knees and working for a takedown. Homasi breaks free, and they resume striking. Banks has a takedown stuffed and Homasi lands a hard right, but the Blackzilian shakes it off. Banks shoots again and is stuffed again, but he forces Homasi against the cage where he is able to complete the takedown. Homasi is able to work his way back to his feet, and they exchange in the centre of the cage once more. Banks shoots for one final takedown as the round draws to a close; Homasi is able to stay on his feet but finishes the round with his back against the cage.

The second round begins with some tentative stand up. Homasi lands an inside leg kick, and Banks grabs his cup. The fighters pause momentarily, but the referee instructs them to continue. The middle portion of the round plays out on the feet but lacks action. Homasi throws a high kick that catches thin air, and he slips to the deck. Banks fails to capitalise and the ATT fighter pops back up. With a minute to go it’s Banks’ turn to slip. Homasi rushes his opponent and works for a guillotine choke. Banks defends and gets back to his feet. Both fighters are have their hands down now, and they swing wild punches as the round comes to an end.

The ringside officials score the fight a round apiece and we go to a third and final round.

Homasi is having some success with kicks from range, while Banks is finding a home for his jab in the early stages of the deciding frame. Banks is fighting with his hands by his sides but seems the more energetic of the two fighters. The Blackzilian appears light on his feet, while Homasi is beginning to look a little spent. Homasi lands a high kick that causes Dana White to cry out, but Banks doesn’t seem troubled. Banks pushes Homasi against the fence where he is able to drag him to the canvas and land a couple of punches against the cage. Homasi gets back to his feet, and the fighters take the centre of the cage once more with a little over 90 seconds remaining. Banks is on his toes and firing the jab. Homasi is plodding now with very little output. Action almost grinds to a halt until the final 10 seconds when both fighters fire some big shots to bring the fight to a close.

The decision goes to Banks, and the Blackzilians’ gym erupts. Homasi is devastated and feels that he has been robbed of a decision.

For the fourth week running, Dana White is underwhelmed with the fighters’ performances. He feels they lacked the requisite desire and ‘balls to the wall’ attitude.

“Neither guy is trying to knock the cover off the ball” White said. “Show somebody you wanna win. Show somebody you wanna be here. Show Dan you wanna bring this back to American Top Team’s gym.”

The Blackzilians extend their unbeaten streak to 4-0 and their points lead to 100-0. They also retain home-gym advantage as we head into the fifth week. The next four fights will be worth 50 points each, meaning ATT can close the gap in just two fights. First, though, they will need to figure out how to get a win on the board, because so far the Blackzilians have been flawless, and we are yet to see the inside of the ATT gym.

Tune in to again next week to see whether ATT can half the deficit, or the Blackzilians can extend their advantage to 150 points.

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