McGregor preferred Lentz matchup for Boston, critiques Aldo/Mendes

Conor McGregor has revealed that he would’ve preferred to face Nick Lentz in January rather than Dennis Siver, but believes that the “lackluster” featherweight would be handled quite easily if he was to meet the German Taekwondo expert.

Given that many have called for McGregor to face a wrestler, and the back and forth that he and Lentz have had, it was no surprise that the Irishman wasn’t too complimentary when it came to breaking down the style of the former NCAA Division 1 wrestler.

“I would’ve liked Nick Lentz,” said McGregor. “I think that’s where I would have liked to go. But, it is what it is. I mean, Nick Lentz is rubbish.

“Look at that Lamas vs Bermudez fight. Two wrestlers, one on a false winning streak, he’s a decision machine. Lamas fought like a pussy against Jose. Two average, middle tier fighters but yet they had a co-main event slot on a huge UFC Mexico card, with a lot of eyes watching. Who was that because of? It was because of me.

“Nick Lentz, one of the most boring guys in the division, probably the most boring guy in the division. Even his whole approach – the ugliest style – nobody even spoke his name once. He got flattened by Chad, he’s lackluster everywhere and yet his name keeps coming up.

“These people should be happy that they’re even in the conversation. These people should be happy that they even had the opportunity to get in there and face me. But like I said there’s always a question.

“Now it’s moved on to the wrestler, before it was the Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, before that it was the seasoned striker, before that it was UFC caliber opponents. There’s always some question. Top ten, top five, Poirier. Every fight there’s a question.

“I honestly feel like Dennis Siver would flatten Nick Lentz. I think he’d knock him out. Keep fit, that’s what I’d say to them. I’d say to all of these athletes – do what I do – keep fit and stay ready for an opportunity to arise. Dennis could fall out and there you go.

“They’re all loud and they brag and they talk as if they want it. When it becomes available, then they go silent. This is what I’ve experienced in the past with these people. If they want it they can come get it.”


Famously, McGregor attended Jose Aldo’s title defence over Chad Mendes three weeks ago in Brazil. Although he complimented the bout, the Dubliner claimed that the duo were using a “dated” approach to the contest.

“It was phenomenal contest, both men laid it on the line. They stood in front of each other with a traditional Thai style and a traditional boxing approach. Pitch and catch – you catch a shot and then you release your own shot. That’s what happened – one threw, one caught the shot. It’s last year’s move.

“I was doing this stuff last year. I see it as dated. They both showed their heart in there and Jose showed frustration in there at times. He was looking at the ref constantly, I thought Chad hit him with the cleaner shots.

“I thought it was a very close fight. It couldn’t have went better for me – a five round war. They take their toll. I don’t see either being a threat. You cannot try to catch my shots because you’ll try and catch them and try and release your own and I won’t be there.

“When you release I’m gone and then you’re back in. I’m a different prospect. That’s what happens when two similar style opponents face off. They trade and they go to war but I’m a completely different animal altogether. My approach is different, my style is different and I only need half a shot.

“I only need half a shot to end it. Once I get that electric bolt sent through their body that is it. When you look at that Poirier fight, he came out and I cracked him on the inside above the ear. That shot went unnoticed but it sent that electric shock through his whole body.

“If I look at the Aldo/Mendes fight critically – their shot selection wasn’t great. They were able to hurt each other, both guys could’ve got the finish there, but they were unable to take the correct route to get that finish.

“I know the correct route. My fight IQ is too high, I’m doing this too long. When I hit you and hurt you, I don’t let you off the hook. I never let them off the hook ever. That’s what will happen – I’ll go in and hit them and I’ll find that route to the victory,” he said.


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