UFC Dublin Preview – Neil Seery vs. Phil Harris


With just days to go until UFC Dublin, we here at SevereMMA want to get you more familiar with some of the fighters on show with a series of profiles on each bout. From first prelim to the main event this card is full of quality mixed matrial artists with interesing careers. Next up is the flyweight bout between Dubliner Neil Seery and Englishman Phil Harris.

Neil Seery

Nickname: 2Tap
Twitter: @NeilSeeryMMA
Record: 13-10
Age: 34
Height: 5’6”
Notable wins: Damien Rooney (November 2010), Mikael Silander (June 2013)
Notable losses: Phil Harris (May 2010), Brad Pickett (March 2014)
Facts and Stats: Trains out of Team Ryano in Dublin, 11 of his 13 wins have come inside the distance, former Cage Warriors flyweight champion.
Strengths: Boxing, experience, submissions and submission defence.
Weaknesses: Works full time outside of fighting, wrestling, gets caught in submissions
Keys to victory: Stop the takedown, utilize superior striking, look for the finish.


Phil Harris

Nickname: Billy
Twitter: @PhilHarrisMMA
Record: 22 wins, 11 losses, 2 no contests.
Age: 31
Height: 5’5”
Notable wins: Neil Seery (May 2010), Ulysses Gomez (February 2013)
Notable losses: Jose Aldo (September 2005), John Lineker (October 2013)
Facts and Stats: Fought Seery in 2010, was released from the UFC before being resigned immediately for this fight, has won 13 fights via submission.
Strengths: Judo, submissions, power.
Weaknesses: Loiters in guard leaving himself open to submissions, one dimensional on the feet, speed.
Keys to victory: Don’t trade for long on the feet, get the takedown, stay active and work submissions

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